Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Semester coming to an end!

Kendall and I are in charge of the blog this week and we were reflecting on how next week will be our very last class. Since the class is coming to a close we were wondering, what was your biggest take away or what has surprised you throughout this class, and which guest speaker did you enjoy listening to the most?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Guest Speaker Anita

Sorry I have been taking care of my father in the hospital. I am assuming that is my turn to post something this week! I have heard a lot of interesting facts about our guest speaker Anita last week. One thing that really interests me is she did not like the labels of D or d in the word deaf as a label. So, if you want, comment on what did you learn from here or what did you think was interesting about her. I hope everybody enjoy the rest of the week and getting ready for FINALS! I wish you all luck on FINALS WEEK!

Friday, April 22, 2016

KSD Athletic Fun Night

KSD will have an Athletic Fun night this Thursday, the 28th.  The staff will play the seniors in a game of basketball.  I am planning on attending and would love to see many of you go as well!  Anyone who does attend may email me a follow up paragraph stating, "A Highlight of a Residential School Senior Activity" and request 15 bonus points be added to any assignment. --- :-) Obviously, I'll be at the game and need to connect with you to verify attendance at the game.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Media Project!

21 Digital Tools To Build Vocabulary

Saw this come across my Tweeter Feed today.  I checked out several of the tools and they are great.  You might find them useful in your own study but I'm confident they will be useful to those of you who will be teaching enter the classroom.

21 Digital Tools To Build Vocabulary

Friday, April 15, 2016

Historical Figure Multimedia Presentation

With lots of failed attempts at trying to insert the ASL interpretation into the presentation itself, we are just going to insert both videos separately.  While previewing it, although it is not ideal, you may mute the ASL version and then press play on each of the videos at the same time and watch it that way. Maybe we can get input from another group at how to insert the video into the presentation, that would be really appreciated!! Hopefully this works! 

This is our multimedia project by Kiara Powell, Megan McWhorter, and Victoria Terry. It was designed with the lower elementary age group in mind and due to some technical difficulties the signing that was supposed to be throughout the video is now at the end of it. Hope you enjoy it!

 By: Madeline Moran, Nicole Waugaman, Jeremiah Winchester, and Kristen Wade
Our project covers Granville Redmond and Marlee Matlin and is geared for 6th grade or around the middle school age. We had videos as a part of our project but due to technical difficulties we had to remove them so please view these links! Thanks for watching!
Granville Redmond in "The Dog"
"Children of a Lesser God" Clip
"Switched at Birth" Clip

Student Deaf Education Organization

We are planning to have a Student Deaf Education Organization on campus next year.  It would be open to any students on campus who are interested in any careers or the idea of educating students who are Deaf.  It would meet at a minimum of once a month.  The goal is for it to be student led and for students to determine what types of activities and opportunities would most benefit them.

Currently the draft description is:

Student Deaf Education Organization
The Student Deaf Education Organization provides opportunities for students, regardless of major, with an interest in working in careers related to educating the deaf and hard of hearing to network together.   Students will have opportunities to practice and improve their ASL skills, interact with Deaf students, serve or volunteer at various events and network with professionals currently working in the field of Deaf Education.  The organization is open to students who are just beginning to take ASL classes, those currently studying to become teachers of the Deaf, interpreters as well as graduate students who may currently be classroom teachers.  The group will meet at least once per month with the option of additional volunteer opportunities or activities. 

In order to move forward and establish such an organization there must be a minimum of six interested students.  Are any of you interested or know of others who would be?  Let me know your thoughts on participating in such a student organization next year.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Historic Figures Project

Our project was created for middle school students!
Our Group is Natasha Salziger, Cassie Meek, Maddy Enzweiler, and Alexa McMeaken.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Our Project

Here is our project that was designed for upper elementary and early middle school students. I'm hoping YouTube doesn't take down the video due to the music in the background! We hope you like it!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Response to weekly blog

I really appreciated seeing how the media looks at Nyle. In this post it seemed like they didn't focus just on him being deaf, but on everything else he has done. But when they did talk about what he did they focused on ASL a lot. I noticed that a lot of conversation came up with that. ASL isn't something that just needs to be taught to kids, as brought out by the Washington Post. ASL will have to be taught to multiple people that interact with the children. Also not every child will learn ASL because they may choose not to, it isn't that they are deprived. I know some may choose to use oral communication instead of manual.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016