Monday, May 9, 2016

Response to last blog

Sorry I am doing my response this way but for some reason I am not able to post under the comments. 
There has been a lot that I have learned throughout this class, all of which will help me as I go into the work force. But there has been one thing that has really stuck out to me, as many people have said, the idea of considering all the options. There isn't going to be one set mold for every deaf and hard of hearing child. But rather, we need to be willing to try all the different milkshake flavors to find what is best for that child. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This is it!

So here we are at the end of the semester! It's hard to believe that right? Over the semester we have had the chance to learn so many new, different, and exciting things form Cathy White. She has pushed us to truly challenge ourselves, and to step out side of our comfort zones. With that being said, finals are coming up and I know that everyone is probably just as nervous as I am. So Abigail and I thought it would be a good chance to reflect on the semester. What have you learned, what do you want to focus on for the final, and what are somethings we might need to discuss as a group? This is our last chance to go over these things and talk as a group, so lets see what we can learn before the final. Good luck next week to everyone and I hope you have a good week.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Semester coming to an end!

Kendall and I are in charge of the blog this week and we were reflecting on how next week will be our very last class. Since the class is coming to a close we were wondering, what was your biggest take away or what has surprised you throughout this class, and which guest speaker did you enjoy listening to the most?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Guest Speaker Anita

Sorry I have been taking care of my father in the hospital. I am assuming that is my turn to post something this week! I have heard a lot of interesting facts about our guest speaker Anita last week. One thing that really interests me is she did not like the labels of D or d in the word deaf as a label. So, if you want, comment on what did you learn from here or what did you think was interesting about her. I hope everybody enjoy the rest of the week and getting ready for FINALS! I wish you all luck on FINALS WEEK!

Friday, April 22, 2016

KSD Athletic Fun Night

KSD will have an Athletic Fun night this Thursday, the 28th.  The staff will play the seniors in a game of basketball.  I am planning on attending and would love to see many of you go as well!  Anyone who does attend may email me a follow up paragraph stating, "A Highlight of a Residential School Senior Activity" and request 15 bonus points be added to any assignment. --- :-) Obviously, I'll be at the game and need to connect with you to verify attendance at the game.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Media Project!

21 Digital Tools To Build Vocabulary

Saw this come across my Tweeter Feed today.  I checked out several of the tools and they are great.  You might find them useful in your own study but I'm confident they will be useful to those of you who will be teaching enter the classroom.

21 Digital Tools To Build Vocabulary

Friday, April 15, 2016

Historical Figure Multimedia Presentation

With lots of failed attempts at trying to insert the ASL interpretation into the presentation itself, we are just going to insert both videos separately.  While previewing it, although it is not ideal, you may mute the ASL version and then press play on each of the videos at the same time and watch it that way. Maybe we can get input from another group at how to insert the video into the presentation, that would be really appreciated!! Hopefully this works! 

This is our multimedia project by Kiara Powell, Megan McWhorter, and Victoria Terry. It was designed with the lower elementary age group in mind and due to some technical difficulties the signing that was supposed to be throughout the video is now at the end of it. Hope you enjoy it!

 By: Madeline Moran, Nicole Waugaman, Jeremiah Winchester, and Kristen Wade
Our project covers Granville Redmond and Marlee Matlin and is geared for 6th grade or around the middle school age. We had videos as a part of our project but due to technical difficulties we had to remove them so please view these links! Thanks for watching!
Granville Redmond in "The Dog"
"Children of a Lesser God" Clip
"Switched at Birth" Clip

Student Deaf Education Organization

We are planning to have a Student Deaf Education Organization on campus next year.  It would be open to any students on campus who are interested in any careers or the idea of educating students who are Deaf.  It would meet at a minimum of once a month.  The goal is for it to be student led and for students to determine what types of activities and opportunities would most benefit them.

Currently the draft description is:

Student Deaf Education Organization
The Student Deaf Education Organization provides opportunities for students, regardless of major, with an interest in working in careers related to educating the deaf and hard of hearing to network together.   Students will have opportunities to practice and improve their ASL skills, interact with Deaf students, serve or volunteer at various events and network with professionals currently working in the field of Deaf Education.  The organization is open to students who are just beginning to take ASL classes, those currently studying to become teachers of the Deaf, interpreters as well as graduate students who may currently be classroom teachers.  The group will meet at least once per month with the option of additional volunteer opportunities or activities. 

In order to move forward and establish such an organization there must be a minimum of six interested students.  Are any of you interested or know of others who would be?  Let me know your thoughts on participating in such a student organization next year.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Historic Figures Project

Our project was created for middle school students!
Our Group is Natasha Salziger, Cassie Meek, Maddy Enzweiler, and Alexa McMeaken.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Our Project

Here is our project that was designed for upper elementary and early middle school students. I'm hoping YouTube doesn't take down the video due to the music in the background! We hope you like it!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Response to weekly blog

I really appreciated seeing how the media looks at Nyle. In this post it seemed like they didn't focus just on him being deaf, but on everything else he has done. But when they did talk about what he did they focused on ASL a lot. I noticed that a lot of conversation came up with that. ASL isn't something that just needs to be taught to kids, as brought out by the Washington Post. ASL will have to be taught to multiple people that interact with the children. Also not every child will learn ASL because they may choose not to, it isn't that they are deprived. I know some may choose to use oral communication instead of manual.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Weekly blog for March 28

We are over half way done with this semester, crazy right! We were just wondering what everyone has learned up to this point in the semester that you believe to be important to helping students succeed? Is there anything that has surprised you most about taking this class? Is there anything you would change about the class? Is there any advice you can give your fellow classmates to help them improve their skills and learning? 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

We'll End This Way Monday

Check out @gatesed's Tweet:

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekly discussion

I'm curious what you all thougt of the videos we watched and the presentations we saw from our peers. I learned a lot of new information and saw things from different perspectives. Which video and presentation spoke to you the most? What did you learn? I am continually learning that with deafness there is no panacea and there is not one way to approach deafness. Is this similar to all of you?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What is SimCom, Simultaneous Communication

Perhaps this visual will assist you with beginning to see the difference between communicating with ASL or SimCom. 


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thoughts on Guest Speakers

Hey guys! This past Monday we had two guest speakers, Matt and Jena. Towards the end of the discussion we talked about SimCom. Jena used SimCom for her entire presentation. I would like to know everyone's opinion about SimCom. For those of you that don't know what SimCom is, what do you think it means. Do you think it can be used properly? What were your opinions on SimCom before we met Jena? Have your opinions changed? I would also like to know what all of you learned most from our guest speakers. Did you learn something new? Any perceptions you had change because of the speakers? I cant wait to see all of your responses! I really enjoyed our presenters and their point of views. I know that I personally had some changes of perception. :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

response to weekly post

I was genuinely surprised to learn how many deaf kids were not in the program. I feel like there should be more support for deaf kids, it is through early intervention that they can be helped best. However I am curious what it is like in other states. I know that I personally will not be living in Kentucky once I graduate, so if I found that there was not this support for students where I decide to move, I would definitely consider this as a career.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

All About Deaf Kids Fair

A big shout out to Kristen Wade, Victoria Terry, Nicole Waugaman, Madeline Moran, Adair Keyton, Cassie Meek and Morgan Hadley for driving to Cincinnati to attend the All About Deaf Kids Fair.  This is the first time I had been to this event so wasn't sure what to expect. It was interesting to see the families who came and the kids interacted.   My mom went with me.  You can see from the picture we enjoyed ourselves!  I didn't get pictures of them - but would love to see any if they took some!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Topics to discuss this week! (March 2nd)

Hey guys! So unfortunately due to being ill,  I was unable to attend class this week, thus I missed out on our guest speaker! But I learned that the topic of discussion was First Steps and early intervention. My question to you would be, how important do you feel early intervention is for a child who is Deaf or hard of hearing being immersed into public education systems? Do you feel that gaining support and community is a necessity? My mother whom is deaf, was raised in a home where no one in her family signed, (her brother has some basic ASL knowledge) and still to this day no one signs. My mother excels in speech and lip reading but never feels a sense of belonging in her own family beginning as a young girl to a woman who is now in her 40's. Last question, if you had a family member who is deaf and no one knew sign language, how would you try to get the message across of the importance of including Deaf culture into the home? If you feel this is important and if not, feel free to share thoughts on the alternative! Why is it or why not?  (We don't necessarily have to all be vanilla milkshakes here, chocolate or strawberry or banana milkshakes are totally welcome!) ;)

Weekly Discussion Question

One Monday Micah Davis spoke to our class about First Steps and how they offer early intervention services for deaf and hard of hearing children. What did everyone think about this? Did anyone find it interesting and maybe felt as if that should be you career later on in life? Did anyone know already that there were so many deaf children in our area that had no support or early intervention services to get them ready for school? Just put a few comments to some of the above questions, thank you all.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Tonight's Class

  There was so much that I wanted to say tonight. I'm so glad that I was finally able to make it to class, at the best time. What we talked about is something I am currently dealing with. My youngest son who will be two in April, was 'diagnosed' with Chronic Otitis Media and something the doctor brought up offended me and my husband. He stated that ''Autism" may be in the works for him. An Ear, Throat, Nose doctor.. trying to put a possible label on my child. Unprofessional, right? Anyways, an ABR was scheduled (which I canceled it because I cannot go through with putting my child to sleep), and First Steps was referred. I am so thankful that Mica was able to talk to us tonight. It has really helped my nerves as well as our discussions as a class. To answer the question again tonight, why start early? If my child who is delayed in speech doesn't get the help he needs, hearing disability or not.. starting early will enable him to an easier and better life. We all want our children to thrive, if something is keeping them from thriving.. we need to help them over that bump in the road so they can be successful as individuals. :) I wanted to share.

Reply to this weeks blog post

I really enjoyed having Clyde visit our classroom this past week. He brought up a lot of interesting points that I hadn't considered before. One point that was a lot of interest to me was the need for presenting material in ASL and English, especially if your tests will be in English.
And a side note, when I try to comment on this weeks post it won't let me, and I have to create a new post. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Hello all, my name is Ashley Rose (I have just now figured out this whole blog thing so I do apologize for the lateness of my posts).  I am from KY, a little more than an hour south of Richmond.  I am thinking about either becoming an art or mathematics teacher (its so hard to choose).  Lastly, my hobby is crocheting.  I learned to crochet before I was even in double digits (age wise) from my wonderful granny and I have been doing so ever since!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Individuals with hard of hearing or deafness who succeed.

      The reason for this post is I wanted to see if any of you personally know of someone with the disability, who has succeeded with something in their life. My little cousin who is eight, was diagnosed with the disability when he was two. At the same age I was when I was diagnosed. He won first in the hard of hearing spelling bee! I also know of an individual who competed in pageants and was in the runner up and she wears hearing aids as well. Such inspirations!

KSD Academic Bowl

I am so sorry that I did not get around and get pictures of all of the AMAZING students in this class that were at the Academic Bowl.  YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!

Academic Bowl

So for those of us who went to the academic bowl, did you get to view any matches, did you enjoy it, what jobs did you volunteer for? I went on Friday and I loved it. I was able to view a couple of matches and they were so interesting. One even went into two extra rounds because the teams couldn't break the tie! What are your thoughts on the experience?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

11 Language Abilities of the Deaf

Here are the 11 ways that Deaf Individuals may receive/access language or produce language that Clyde talked about and many of you mentioned in your posts.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekly Discussion

Hey guys so in class we had Clyde come and talk to us about teaching in the classroom. So for this weeks post what is one thing you learned and one thing that you found interesting from Clyde's presentation. Thanks guys :)

Monday, February 22, 2016

If my child became deaf

My fist concern would be if they were otherwise healthy. Depending on how they became deaf, they could have other health issues. If they were otherwise healthy and only deaf, I think that I would try to figure out how deaf they were: fully deaf, hard of hearing, had more hearing in one ear than the other. Once I figured that out, if they were fully deaf, I would contact first steps and some of my Deaf friends to help me out and figure out exactly what I need to do to give my child language (or language back if this was postlingual deafness). I would make sure that they were surrounded by Deaf people in the community and getting everything they need (that I can’t provide) from these Deaf individuals. If my child was able to wear a hearing aid and actually benefit from it, I would probably fit them for one (or two if that was an option) and depending on their language skills (if he/she was older then working with the hearing aids would probably be important for them) we would go through the steps and hard work that comes after trying to get used to hearing aids. If my child was younger then I might not even bother with hearing aids and just start immersing them into the Deaf culture, community, and language and when they became older, if they wanted hearing aids then that is an option we would have.

Actions I Would Take

If I found out that my child was deaf or hard of hearing when he/she was born, I would continue learning sign language immediately and then I would find the best advisors and resources that I could find in helping me with the process. I would make sure that my family would start learning sign language and learning more about deaf individuals. I would consider schools and other resources for my child later down the road. I would absolutely let my child later on for himself/herself if they wanted a cochlear implant but I would talk to them about environmental hazards and other situations that might occur if they decide not to get one. I would make sure my child went to a deaf school that way they could be immersed into ASL and they would be provided with all of the help that they would need.
Okay question for everyone...

Does it bother you when parents send there child to a deaf school and the child becomes fluent in ASL. The parent refuse to learn sign language for their child. I completely understand if you physical cant.
If I found out that my child was Deaf I would teach he/she ASL and also my family. I would learn more about the Deaf Culture and community. I would wait until my child is old enough to decide if he/she wants cochlear implants. I would consider cochlear implants for safety reason but it up to my child. The only thing I am concerned about is will my extended family learn sign for my child?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My primary concern would be communication with extended family. I would be lucky since I know ASL and my mom is also fluent so she could help me teach the rest of the family but it would still be challenging because no one will probably become fully fluent. If I lived near a quality Deaf school then I would have my child go there and develop a solid Deaf identity. I would not make the decision of a cochlear implant for my child but instead let him or her make that decision on their own when they are older. It seems to be a daunting task to raise a deaf child but with an open mind and the proper support I am sure that everything would work out just fine.
My primary concern for my Deaf child would be communication. Are my ASl skills good enough to present the baby with a full language model? When that child grows up, will they feel connected with their parents? Will I be able to communicate with them well enough to talk about complex things such as abstract ideas and other things that come up in conversation? That sort of thing. I would just be worried about making language connections with the child.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

If I were a parent and I had just learned that my child was deaf, the first thing I would do is research their condition and learn as much as I could about it. Are there treatments available? Should I look into a cochlear implant or hearing aids? Next, I would figure out how I was going to communicate with my child. Should I learn ASL? How would I teach it to my child? Also what is the best educational option?  Would it going to a school for the deaf or special education in a mainstream school be better? I would want to know all of my options so that my child could have the best life possible.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hey Everyone!
This week we talked about the different reactions and decisions parents have. This week, we'd like for you to put yourself into the shoes of the parents who just received news that their child was Deaf. What would be your first and primary concern? What measures would you take? We'd love to see your point of view! Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Question for y'all would

Ménière's Disease

fall under environment or genetic deafness? Although you can't fully go deaf just your hearing becomes so bad that its hard to recognize speech.

Watch These Hands

 Here's a video to prepare you for Chapter 9 on ASL.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I need a group!!!

Hey everyone! I am still without a group. If anyone needs an extra or would like to have me join their group please let me know. I can do anything to contribute that I need to.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Better Late Than Never

My name is Chelsey and I will be graduating in May with a bachelor's in psychology and a minor in special education. I am not the most tech savvy person and that will be painfully obvious as the semester continues, so be patient with me. So far, I like the class and am most excited about volunteering at the Academic Bowl. I have zero background with deaf education so this is completely new to me. Even the most simple concepts such as how to arrange the classroom, is new to me. Every class I learn something new, which is exciting to me.
On a more personal note, I work at work at the Pregnancy Help Center in downtown Richmond, I have been married for 5 1/2 years to my high school sweetheart, and I commute 45 minutes one way from Jackson County. I have loved my time here at EKU but am excited to move on to the next chapter in my life. 


Many of you included in your Exit Slips the benefit the SPACE the Noel Studio provided to your learning experience last night. Yes, I read your emails and will be working to use the ideas you shared.

I understand a night class can be challenging and limited space adds to that. I contacted Kay Thurman today in the Special Education Department who graciously helped to locate an alternate classroom.  We will now be meeting in SCIBD 4105.  See you there on Monday! 

Student Projects

Okay guys! So it's project time and we all know that some of us are a little worried when it comes to group projects. So for this week lets all take a look at some of the concerns we have and look at what were most/least excited about. We've all seen some of the examples of last years group video projects on Blackboard so lets show them what we can do and all work together to make this years projects the best and most inspiring to students. 
Who knows maybe Cathy will make us all vanilla milkshakes when this is all over. I vote yes to that, who else thinks we should all get vanilla milkshakes when this is all said and done or do you have another preference? 

Have a great week guys!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Group members.

   I do not have a group yet. If there is anyone who would like to team up with me, please let me know! If you want to email me, let me know who you are that way I do not delete in by mistake. Email is

Introduction of myself.

Better late than never.
I apologize that this is so late, I have had technical difficulties with our computers and my phone to try downloading this image. 
As you see, I do wear hearing aids and I'm eager to learn from this class. If I seem too quiet and kept to myself, I'm not mean or anything.. I am just a listener. :)
My family resides in McKinney, KY.
My husband and I have been married since 07/13/13. 
We have three children, which one is in Heaven.. our late daughter.
Currently expecting our third boy in June! 
I am set to graduate in May to become an Elementary teacher, will be starting my Masters this summer and then my Rank 1 in counseling. 
Glad to have met everyone! 
Good luck to you!

Group project

Hey all, I am still without a group for our project. If there is anyone who needs an extra in there group or if you don't have a group either please let me know.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


OH MY GOODNESS I had the hardest time figuring this out. A huge thank you to Jeremiah Winchester for explaining it to me. Ok, my stupidity aside, I'm Victoria and I'm a 22 years old. I'm from Rowan County, where all the Kim Davis drama went down, so that might explain the "No H8" picture. This is my fourth year here at Eastern and I have changed my major so many times I don't think I will get out of here. I'm expecting my first child in late August, keep your fingers crossed for a girl, that's what my family, myself and my boyfriend are hoping for. I find out the sex of my baby next month, so I'll keep you posted. I love history and have a weird obsession with The Holocaust, the Anne Frank quote in the picture is one of my favorites. In my free time I love to be outside in the woods, either hiking, taking pictures or just listening to nature.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Okay, so according to my picture, I'm 6 years old, I wear a giant pink bow in my hair, and I have club feet.  But really, my name is Morgan Hadley and I am 21 years old in reality.  One of my passions is swimming, so when I outgrew my teams, I started coaching.  I now have a summer league team of 120 kids, ages 4-18 that I coach.  I love it so so much and working with all my amazing kids is really what made me want to become a teacher.  I am a junior, but this is my first year at Eastern.  I transferred from Dayton, Ohio where I am from.  The ring is because this past July I got engaged to my best friend and we are deep into wedding planning (fun but a bit overwhelming!).  We are getting married in August, so next semester I'll be Morgan Adkins!  The little person to the left is my not-so-little brother, Dylan (he's a senior in high school).  I miss him bunches!  I go to Vineyard Community Church in Richmond and love it there, I work as a Jimmy John's delivery driver, and I love to read!That's pretty much me in a nut shell!
Hi guys, I had a little bit of a difficult time figuring out how to accept the blog invitation, so my post is a tad bit late.
My name is Heather Grizzell, I am from Danville, Kentucky. I just transferred to Eastern this semester from UK. I am a travel addict, I spent last spring semester studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and it was such an enriching experience! I am also a CODA, so both of my parents are deaf and growing up so involved with the deaf community has impacted me in so many ways from what I want to do with my career to what I am involved in today!  (DCH) drawn above stands for Deaf Child Hope which is a small  nonprofit Christian organization that I have an internship with. I am majoring in Elementary education and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education as well as minoring in ASL. I have a slight obsession with boiled cabbage, forgive my poor drawing skills! :/   I'm excited to get to know you all and see what this class teaches me this semester!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 2 - Surprised to Learn?

Hey everyone! So we discussed a lot of important events today in class that lead to the Deaf and hard of hearing education that we know today. Personally I thought I had a pretty good understanding of Deaf history but today I realized I did not know half of it! I had no idea that other countries had their own Deaf histories as well. I thought that France started it all. Is there anything we learned tonight that you all were surprised to learn?
Hello I'm Molly Campbell I'm a 19. I am from Ludlow Falls, Ohio. My major is Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education. My favorite thing to do is bake.
Hello, my name is Megan and I'm 19 soon to be 20. I am from London, KY. I'm an only child but I have been babysitting for a family with 4 kids for 6 years now so I consider them my siblings. I am a sophomore and an OT major with a minor in ASL and spend all of my free time watching Netflix. I have been on 2 mission trips so far, Arizona and Haiti, with another trip to Haiti in planning and hopefully one to Mexico and then Africa within the next few years.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


My name is Madison Meade. Some people call me Madi or Mads. I am a freshman at EKU and my major is Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Hi, my name is Alexa McMeaken and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My major is Deaf and Hard of Hearing with Education, I am also minoring in American Sign Language. I play for the EKU Women's Rugby Team and I love to watch ice hockey. I'm very excited for this class and I can't wait to learn!

Maddy Enzweiler INTRO

My name is Maddy Enzweiler I am a Junior here at EKU. I have one older brother who also attended EKU and graduated in PGM where he is now literally living his dream life. I am here at EKU majoring in Therapeutic Recreation and minoring in Special Education. I am from Erlanger Kentucky which is about 10 minutes from Cincinnati. I work in Lexington at Bluegrass Orthopedics and Hand Care where I absolutely love it, even having just started a few months ago. I absolutely love being outdoors and just relaxing. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hi everyone! I'm Madeline Moran, I'm a 20 year old Sophomore. I am double majoring in pre-ITP and Public Relations. I am excited to learn some new things and meet new people!

Hey  guys my name is Natalie Simmons. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.
I am a sophomore here at EKU and my major is Special Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. ASL is my passion. I taught myself my sophomore year of high school. I live in Walters Hall on the ASL LLC floor. My hobbies are listening to music, reading and watching movies. I love watching movies. My favorite color is blue.

hey guys, im cassiemeek. I am fom Nicholasville kentucky, right outside of lexington. In my picture i described myself as i love to cheer and b active, i love being around my family i am a very big famiy person, i love to travel, an lastly i want to work in a hosptial with special needs kids.

Friday, January 29, 2016

My name is Dylan Nichols. I am a sophomore studying to become a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. My interests include bowling, music, and figuring out puzzles such as the Rubic's cube.

Kayla Roark

I am Kayla Roark. I am eighteen and a freshman. I am currently studying to be a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing and I am in love with it, I am so glad I decided that for my major. I love sign so much I have decided to get a minor in ASL. This isn't in my picture but I have been to Mexico with my sister to visit some of her friends doing an exchange program there and I have also been to the Dominican Republic. I also always get mistaken for someone who is 12 or 13. My sister also gets asked if she is my mom. I am the youngest of three kids, my brother is 31, my sister is 28 and like I said earlier I am 18.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kendall's Introduction

Hey everyone! I'm Kendall Bisig, and I am a freshman here at EKU! I am majoring in the Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Middle Grades Math with a minor in American Sign Language! I LOVE coffee, and I really enjoy both cooking and traveling! I actually finished high school with 28 college credit hours, so academically I am a sophomore, but it is my first year here at EKU! I'm really looking forward to this class and to meeting each and every one of you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kristen Wade's Intro!

Hi Everyone! My name is Kristen Wade. I'm from Winchester, KY. I'm an occupational sciences major with a minor in ASL. In the future, i hope to be an occupational therapist! I love spending time with my family, baking, and UK basketball!

Nicole Waugaman Introduction

Hey everyone! My names is Nicole, I'm 20 years old, and I'm a sophomore. My major is pre communication disorders, and I have a minor in special education. I'm from Northern Kentucky. I love to travel! I've been to 45 states in the US and a few different countries. I also plan on studying abroad this summer in London! My favorite animal is a penguin, and my favorite food is pizza. I can't wait to meet everyone, and I hope we all have a good semester! 

Jeremiah Winchester's Introduction :)

Hello, I am Jeremiah Winchester and I am from a small little town in South Central Kentucky called Stearns. I graduated from a small high school with a graduating class size of 200. I a, 20 years old and I am a Sophomore here at EKU!! I love this school and I will graduate from here and most likely come back for my Master's Degree. I am currently majoring in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education with a minor in American Sign Language. My concentration is Middle Grades and Mathematics because I love math. I love hanging out with friends and I love my family and all of my many pets, including 3 dogs and 7 cats! That is a little bit about me. Thank you all for reading.

Intro - Stacey

Hi! My name is Stacey Johnson and I am 22 years old. I am from Harlan, KY and currently live in an apartment in Richmond with my boyfriend. I am a D/HH Education major. I've changed majors a couple of times since being at EKU and I am excited to finally have a major I am truly interested in. I LOVE giraffes, they are by far the cutest things in the world. :) I also love to read! Currently I work on campus in Whitlock and substitute at a daycare. I'm excited to meet everyone this semester!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hey everyone my name is Anna Lewis as you can see from above. I'm really bad at drawing pictures so I just made the background look different and did the best I can on my picture! (:

I am a Junior I moved to Ky from Nc. But originally I've been from Wa -> Ky -> Nc -> Ky pretty much I've been around the United States and to some outside countries. I love to travel and be adventurous. I have a 3 year old trouble maker named Serenity who was my original inspiration to go back to school and finish what I started a few years ago. I am around 60% deaf because when I was born I had no ears (yes it's a thing). I love meeting new people this is my first semester to EKU and I'm looking forward to a great semester and a great year! (: