Sunday, January 31, 2016

Maddy Enzweiler INTRO

My name is Maddy Enzweiler I am a Junior here at EKU. I have one older brother who also attended EKU and graduated in PGM where he is now literally living his dream life. I am here at EKU majoring in Therapeutic Recreation and minoring in Special Education. I am from Erlanger Kentucky which is about 10 minutes from Cincinnati. I work in Lexington at Bluegrass Orthopedics and Hand Care where I absolutely love it, even having just started a few months ago. I absolutely love being outdoors and just relaxing. 


  1. I am from Northern Kentucky too! I went to St. Henry in Erlanger.

  2. I am from right across the river in Indiana but went to college in Cincinnati. I often miss the city life there.