Monday, January 25, 2016


Welcome to the CLASS BLOG!  This blog is intended to be a place where students can share questions & information to extend what happens in the classroom.  An aspect of of feedback from students that is most frequently shared is regarding the ONCE A WEEK aspect of this course and that it is a NIGHT CLASS.  

The blog this semester is designed for STUDENTS to actively engage one another between classes each week.  There will be a schedule created at the beginning of the semester to identify who will be the 2 students each week that will lead/facilitate/stir up the discussion each week.  The goal is to determine what material may still not be clear.  What additional information might students have on the topic?  What ideas might students have about the upcoming week.  The blog is to be used to give students voice in leading, shaping and reshaping the instruction, learning activities, what and how students are learning.

I'm confident you are up for this exciting part of the course!  So, who would like to be FIRST and take week one and will help us use the blog to get to know one another in a creative way?  First two to respond will have the opportunity to lead us this week - and have it out of the way!!  Yes, points are are given for this and it goes in the grade book!


  1. EXCELLENT! Thank you so much ladies! I can't wait to see what creative way you come up with having students use the blog this week to introduce themselves. The only "requirement" is that students need to submit a post to the blog - you decide what you want them to include in that post to help us get to know them/who is in our class! Lead the way!!

  2. I love getting creative and crafty! I'm all for next week since this week is taken!

  3. So confused… I am having the same problem as Whitney, I can't figure out how to make a blog post. Please help.