Sunday, February 28, 2016

Individuals with hard of hearing or deafness who succeed.

      The reason for this post is I wanted to see if any of you personally know of someone with the disability, who has succeeded with something in their life. My little cousin who is eight, was diagnosed with the disability when he was two. At the same age I was when I was diagnosed. He won first in the hard of hearing spelling bee! I also know of an individual who competed in pageants and was in the runner up and she wears hearing aids as well. Such inspirations!


  1. My son is profoundly Deaf who has graduated from Gallaudet University has competed in 3 Deaflympics in Australia, Taipei and Bulgaria. He has also competed in the World Games in China.

    1. Actually, he would not consider his deafness a disability. He considers himself Deaf, that's who he is. This is something we have talked about in class as the Cultural View of Deafness.