Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Okay, so according to my picture, I'm 6 years old, I wear a giant pink bow in my hair, and I have club feet.  But really, my name is Morgan Hadley and I am 21 years old in reality.  One of my passions is swimming, so when I outgrew my teams, I started coaching.  I now have a summer league team of 120 kids, ages 4-18 that I coach.  I love it so so much and working with all my amazing kids is really what made me want to become a teacher.  I am a junior, but this is my first year at Eastern.  I transferred from Dayton, Ohio where I am from.  The ring is because this past July I got engaged to my best friend and we are deep into wedding planning (fun but a bit overwhelming!).  We are getting married in August, so next semester I'll be Morgan Adkins!  The little person to the left is my not-so-little brother, Dylan (he's a senior in high school).  I miss him bunches!  I go to Vineyard Community Church in Richmond and love it there, I work as a Jimmy John's delivery driver, and I love to read!That's pretty much me in a nut shell!

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